MMA review: Gloves, Shin guard & Bad Girls

BadBoy are a huge name in the martial arts industry. I was very happy to hear they are launching their BadGirl range here in Europe so I asked my friend Marie to review their Muay Thai gloves and shin pads. Marie, aside from practicing jiujitsu and judo, is a seasoned Muay Thai competitor and coach so I knew the review would be in great hands, full pun intended!

Marie's Bad Girl Review

I've been aware of the Bad Girl range for a while so I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to try out their gloves and shin guards. The reality is, especially when it comes to striking kit there is very little in the market for women. You may get some token pink in a range but the women's market tends to be very much an after thought. This is certainly not the case with the Bad Girl range. First impressions show that a lot of thought has gone into the branding and design, the Bad Girl logo is a twist on the unmistakable Bad Boy brand. With the usage of some distinctively sassy female eyes. I was sent the blue version of the kit (it's also available in purple). The blue branding and stitching is a great contrast with the black base colour and the result is two pieces of kit that a woman can proudly wear to the gym. Although looking good is obviously only part of the story!

Starting with the shin guards; I currently use very traditional muay thai style leather shin guards which whilst offering fantastic protection are very heavy and definitely can limit mobility from an MMA perspective. So I was curious to see how these would compare and how well they would work me.


BJJ / Grappling Tips: Open Guard Passing with tips from Stephan Kesting, David Onuma and Rico Vieira

Pass the open guard!

Dealing with the open guard in jiujitsu is a challenge, but it's also an inescapable challenge. Without a guard passing game, there is no jiujitsu.

In this first video, Stephan Kesting of GrappleArts.com share his 4 top tips to passing any guard. These tips are:

1. Grip fight, Grip fight, Grip fight.
2. Don't be a one trick pony
3. Be fast for mobility or heavy for pressure
4. Stabilize the pass

Stephan is a great jiujitsu communicator and his words and video really sum up his valuable grappling advice very well.


Self Defence Judo: Store Clerk hip throws robber!

The major hip throw - aka O Goshi in Japanese - is one of the corner stones of both judo, Gracie jiujitsu and in fact most self defence systems. The following is one of the most charismatic judo instructors I've ever seen: 65 year old, 7th dan Korean judo master, Go Cheong Pil:

Here's the beautiful and deadly Ronda Rousey demonstrating an interesting variation on a completely unsuspecting Renato Laranja:


BJJ / Grappling tips: How to defend against the Darce choke

The latest Metamoris III event was a great event full of submission threats and excitement. One that caught my eyes was Babalu's Darce attacks against Dean Lister which he, successfully, defended.

Renzo Gracie 3rd degree black belt Joe D'Arce,
the man behind the famous arm triangle choke

I love defence, especially technical and intelligent defence. I've included below a few technical tips by some high level black belts on how to prevent and defend the Darce choke.


Ralph Gracie Beating Up Lloyd Irvin and a bunch of other people

In this blast from the past Vale Tudo instructional, we see Ralph "The PitBull" Gracie demonstrate techniques of Gracie Jiu Jitsu to defend against and defeat punches, knees, headbutts and headlocks. His demo partners are a blue belt Lloyd Irvin and three others I've not heard of before (which doesn't mean they are not awesome practitioners by now!)

One More Time: Bye Bye Baby!




BJJ tips: Double guard pull berimbolo armbar triangle

What to do when you pull guard and your opponent pulls guard at the same time? This is the famous double guard pull hated by many of the sport's and the martial art's legends such as Xande and Saulo Ribiero:

If I ever find myself in a position like that, I either attack immediately or just get off my butt and work to pass. If I get swept or passed, then the guy's guard is better than my passing / attacks and it highlights a weakness in my game I need to work on, but hey that's just me.

Obviously, not all double guard pulling is stalling. Check out this neat attacks from people who know far more than you and I:

Here's the best instructional ever on how to do the Berimbolo attack:


Gi Review: 93 brand - Charlie - BJJ Goes Chocolate!

93 Brand is a relatively new American fight apparel company. They real seem to have done their homework though as the gis are both beautiful, aesthetically designed and seems very sturdy.

The Charlie is light enough to train in and do comps as, currently, black gis are still IBJJF legal.

Disclosure and cost:
The fantastic guys at RollMore.com sent me this gi to review. RollMore.com sell the 93 Brand Charlie gi for $139.99 which works out to around £92. 


Sparring with Rickson Gracie and other rare footage

Rickson Gracie, the ultimate expression of jiujitsu
This is a quick post about some rare Rickson Gracie footage I've recently discovered.

I'm sure many of you have already seen this, but I had not.

In the first one, the legend Rickson Gracie is "sparring" with Dr Lewis Friedlander:


Gi Review: 93 Brand - Tau - BJJ's Softest Gi

 93 Brand is a relatively new American fight apparel company. The "TAU" is their latest white model. Super soft. Soft soft soft.


 Disclosure and cost:
The fantastic guys at MartialArtsSupplies.com sent me this gi to review. MartialArtsSupplies.com sell the 93 Brand Tau gi for $139.99 which works out to around £92. 


BJJ Gi Review: MKIII by Predator - Black Eagle. The new design


Gi Review: MKIII by Black Eagle. The new design
Disclaimer: The Part Time Grappler is sponsored by Black Eagle & Predator Fightwear. Having said that, this did not affect the objectivity of my review for the simple reason that Black Eagle ASKED for a review. They wanted to know what was good and what they could do even better.

Short BJJ gi review: This is a very good competition gi. It's sparsely decorated, even less than before, which allows addition of team and club patches without it becoming too much of the good thing. The gi jacket has been re-designed to offer a wider skirt (for loopin chokes) but maintained the nice collar and sleeves. The gi pants are still ripstop and uber-light. The gi feels very soft and nice to roll in. Take it to a comp and you won't regret it. It is currently priced at £94.99 (approx. $158 or€114) for the blue and £84.99 for the white model on